De-carbonizing the Industry in Western Canada

October 18th, 2023 – Diesel Tech Industries (DTI), a leader in transportation technology, is thrilled to announce the partnership between Velocity Truck Centre (Formerly First Truck Centre) and DTI’s Guardian innovative Hydrogen-Diesel Dual Fuel Technology. Velocity Truck Centre will be aiding in the goal to lower emissions by installing the Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System on applications throughout Alberta and British Columbia. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing sustainable transportation solutions and accelerating the decarbonization of the heavy truck industry. It also paves the way for the trucking sector to streamline its efforts in reducing carbon emissions within their fleets. The presence of twelve Velocity Truck Centre locations distributed throughout Western Canada broadens the scope of possibilities across numerous provinces

The Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System facilitates the integration of hydrogen as a fuel source in current diesel engines, effectively curbing greenhouse gas emissions while preserving cost-efficiency. The collaboration between Velocity Truck Centre and DTI underlines their joint dedication to a low-carbon future. The Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System delivers immediate advantages, including decreased diesel fuel usage and reduced emissions. Furthermore, it provides comprehensive reports for monitoring greenhouse gas levels, managing fleets, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

“DTI is thrilled to collaborate with Velocity Truck Centre, to lead the transformation of the heavy truck industry with our Guardian Hydrogen-Diesel Conversion System.” – Rebecca Goldsack, COO

With 12 branches spread across Alberta and British Columbia, we have become the largest DTNA Elite support-certified group of facilities in Canada. Velocity Truck Centre offers various sales, vehicle maintenance, necessary parts, and collision services to the industry. It is also very involved in Cleantech initiatives in Alberta and British Columbia for RNG, CNG, Dual Fuel, BEV and HFCEV technology. This collaboration establishes a model for sustainable transportation, highlighting the innovative and inventive solutions to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions in the heavy truck sector.

“We are happy to support DTI with the installation and service maintenance of Hydrogen-Diesel Fuel Technology,” say’s Rod Graham, President and CEO of Velocity Truck Centre. “This partnership supports Canada’s goal of net zero emissions to create a sustainable future.”

Decarbonizing the heavy truck industry is a top priority for Velocity Truck Centre and DTI, and enthusiastically embrace partnerships that align with their vision. DTI has been working with Velocity Truck Centre for years and is excited to partner on the Guardian HDS, it is great that both businesses can complement the industry in decarbonization.

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