Diesel Tech Industries Successfully Retrofits Diversified Transportation Motorcoach with Guardian Hydrogen-Diesel Dual Fuel Technology

Edmonton, AB June 30th – Diesel Tech Industries (DTI), a leader in transportation technology, is thrilled to announce the successful retrofitting of a Diversified Transportation motorcoach with their innovative Hydrogen-Diesel Dual Fuel Technology. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing sustainable transportation solutions and accelerating the decarbonization of the motorcoach and heavy truck industries.

The technology allows existing diesel engines to incorporate hydrogen as a secondary fuel source, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The partnership between Diversified Transportation and DTI demonstrates a shared commitment to a low-carbon future. The Guardian Hydrogen-Conversion System brings immediate benefits such as reduced diesel fuel consumption and lower emissions. It also generates comprehensive reports for greenhouse gas monitoring, fleet management, and regulatory compliance. Rebecca Goldsack, COO of DTI, expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing their dedication to innovative solutions and emission reduction. 

“DTI is excited to work with PWT on decarbonizing the passenger transportation industry with our Guardian Hydrogen-Conversion System” – Rebecca Goldsack, COO

Diversified Transportation, part of the Pacific Western group, shares DTI’s vision for a sustainable future. With over 60 years of experience and operations coast to coast, the PWT group is the ideal partner to

lead sustainable bus transportation advancements. DTI, with nearly two decades of experience, is a trusted industry leader in transportation technology. The successful retrofitting sets a precedent for sustainable transportation, showcasing the transformative potential of collaboration and innovation in driving the decarbonization of the motorcoach and heavy truck industries.

“Diversified is able to fully depreciate our assets while reducing maintenance costs and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 40 to 80 percent.” – David Richards, General Manager

Decarbonizing the motorcoach & heavy truck industries is a major priority, and we welcome partnerships that share our vision. Access to safe and reliable transportation is an essential service in our modern society, and providing that resource to customers in a responsible and sustainable way has never been more important.   

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